Shipping and Delivery

At, you can buy medicines cheaper, more conveniently, without having to travel several times to different brick-and-mortar retail chemists, and without awkward conversations with pharmacists. The purchase process is intuitive and effortless, while transportation is fast and discreet.

What delivery services do you use?

We relied on well-known international and local cargo services to decrease delivery times and to palm offer you your medication, reaching your goal.

Where do you ship to?

Our employees provide delivering Australia wide (continental territory and Tasmania). We also do make use of international conveyance, in particular, we can ship to New Zealand and countries in Oceania.

When will the order be actually sent?

After receiving the repayment, the purchase is going to be transported within 24-72 hrs. These are the estimated common parcel shipment attend company times which depend on the day of the week (business day or weekend) when you make an order.

How can I track my purchase?

As soon as your order has actually been dispatched you will surely acquire a confirmation email to your defined e-mail handle. This message will contain notification allowing you to track with the help of special package tracking service 17TRACK through Note that the tracking number will be activated within 24-48 hours after receiving the above-mentioned email.

What do I perform if I failed to get a confirmation email?

Ensure you check your Spam folder. Then add our email address to your contacts or address book to avoid marking our messages as spamming ones.

How do you package my purchase?

Our team fills along with delivering all our distributions in straightforward item packaging covered with safety tape. Do not worry, no one will know what you are buying. We always adhere to standards aimed at ensuring the complete confidentiality of all our customers.

What are the deadlines for shipping?

Express Delivery takes from 5 to 7 days after sending the order. In the unlucky as well as the certainly not likely circumstance that the order wasn't delivered within this term it is possible that there is a problem with a destination address. Please contact our customer support group. Regular/Standard delivery derives from 7 to 21 days after delivering the purchase. Be watchful everyone: holidays might delay cargo (roughly by a day or so).

Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free shipping on all orders over a $350. By ordering a larger quantity of tablets one at a time, you will receive the necessary supply for a longer period of time.

vDo I require to sign for my order?

Your order does certainly not consist of factors that call for a prescribed, so you won't need to sign.

What develops if my order was actually damaged?

Shipments usually match the requirements folks need. However, if you've received a parcel in unproper condition, contact us via email. If possible, make a capture of that and attach an image of damaged goods (you can also send a video). In case of visible serious damages of the product, our drugstore may send the fully identical parcel for free.

I received a letter from the customs body. What should I do?

If you have received a letter from the Australian customs body, informing of paying additional custom duties payment, you should ignore it and refuse delivery. The package will be returned. Reach out to our customer service workers and they will send another package with no additional fee.

Do you have any other questions?

We hope the above information would be enough to answer all your questions. However, if you need more information regarding ordering and delivering, you can contact our customer service. If you already have an order ID number, indicate it in your letter to help us process it as quickly as possible.