Sometimes customers consult with the customer service, but you can get the necessary answers by simply reading the informative list of what other customers have written previously. So you will probably find the solution to your problem before you have prepared an electronic letter to customer service. Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions and tried to answer them as exhaustively as possible.


What is australianedmeds.com?

Australianedmeds.com is one of the biggest web chemists in Australia offering appeal products and regular discounts. We are determined to deliver the best, unquestionable online service. We wish that you will definitely be delighted with your order.

Is australianedmeds.com a reputable chemist?

Yes, we are actually a trusty Australian drugstore with a spotless reputation, however; we running the business on an international basis because we also ensure delivery to neighboring countries.

What is actually an online drugstore?

An internet-based dispensing chemist delivers the same items as well as local companies. It allows purchases from the comfort of your personal office or home and bestows substantial financial savings contrasted to the regional chemist. An online provider, however, performs certainly not switch out the treatment of your nearby health care specialists. Our tiny overhead costs incorporate the great savings straight to you!

Just how can I rely on australianedmeds.com along with my health?

Australianedmeds.com is actually owned as well as handled by professionals. All medical product purchases are examined by our staff. You can likewise email our company anytime. We stature each product by its status, worth, and effectiveness to secure our own repute and standing in the medical community.


Is a prescription needed?

No, no medical scripts are required to acquire your ED and sexual enhancement drugs. However, doctor consultation is advised, especially if you suffer from other chronic diseases and / or take potently acting medications.

Is it safe to use a bank card on your site?

Yes, our company offers a discrete and secure internet site and also use the most up-to-date file encryption technologies (SSL 256-bit) to defend your individual as well as plastic bank card details. Our website has an encrypted HTTPS address and is reliably protected from hackers by specialised antivirus software.

What ED tablet to select?

It depends upon your level of sensitivities and what you think works best for you. Evaluate our articles on our website for more information. If you have any doubt, please visit your doctor.


How do ED pills work?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) tablets work virtually similarly but have some distinctions depending on the medication. Essentially, they permit blood flow to the penis when excited. They do that by oppressing a PDE5 isoenzyme which destructively affects erection processes. When this enzyme is inhibited, cavernous bodies of the penis receive more blood via arteries, while the veins are narrowing preventing the extinction of the erection.

Do you sell medications for ladies?

Yes - Lovegra is designed to work particularly for females. It boosts arousal as well as humectation (vaginal moisture), for a superbly enjoyable, unimaginable experience.

Do you have medications for treating other sexual dysfunctions?

You can purchase dapoxetine (Priligy) which is the only approved medication for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It can be used in combination with Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

When can I expect the desired impact?

It will normally begin working within an hour, or as early as 30 minutes, provisional to the medication and the dosage. Fast-acting remedies like Kamagra Jelly may provide the needed effect 15-20 minutes after ingestion.

How long do the ED pills last?

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent about all our products. You can find details on each product page. That said, normally they will last approximately 4-6 hours, however, they can last longer on uncommon occasions. Cialis is a record holder when it comes to action duration, it provides a useful effect for up to thirty-six hours.

Do the tablets cure sexual dysfunction?

No, but they do provide a short-lived (symptomatic) treatment option and all of them can be taken frequently if you have no contraindications or allergic reactions. If you want to cure the dysfunction permanently, you need to take additional measures like adhering to a healthy lifestyle and treating underlying diseases.

May the medications cause adverse effects?

Sometimes. Withal, potential side effects include burning feeling, nausea, and visive problems. However, according to statistical data, it’s more possible to have no side effects at all. Please see our detailed documentation on each pill for more details, and also read the leaflet.

What are the expiry dates on the products marketed?

The items offered to possess expiry dates of approximately 3 years to provide you a suited amount of opportunity to utilize all of them. Note that shelf-life may be decreased if you keep the products in improper conditions.

So how do I store medications?

Medicines should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight (away from pets and children). Don't store the tablets and jellies (sachets) in the freezer. Review the medication's labels for more details and in-depth instructional.

Are the products approved and safe?

All medicines offered by our online pharmacy are certified and inspected with due diligence. We also avoid malfunctioning and unsanctioned products and refine all additions to our catalogue where feasible. We want your experience to be undoubtful and pleasant.

Why are generics cheaper than original drugs?

Reduced overhead costs and marketing associated with big-brands and other similar franchises. Generic drugmakers don't have to spend huge amounts of funds on research and development (R&D) activity, thousands of tests on animals and human volunteers because they use ready-made formulation. They get access to the original formula after the expiration of the patent.

Cooperation with generic drugmakers allows us to transfer these savings to you in the form of reduced prices and affordable, easy-to-access drugs for your intimate problems. ED is no laughing matter, and it definitely requires a professional approach. That's why we're here to help you make the change.


Just how can I register for the email list?

Feel free to click on the web link which you will receive after registration on our website. You will receive our regular newsletter with news and updates.

What if I have technical difficulties?

If you have forgotten the password and need additional steps to log in, please review our Ordering Online page for details.

If the system does not remember your actions on the website, use these instructions to troubleshoot now: access your settings toolbar in your web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, or other), and approve cookies access.

Is my private data properly protected?

All info gathered by australianedmeds.com is purely personal and is treated appropriately, with due circumspection. In addition, all australianedmeds.com personnel are legitimately bound by the employment relationships to ensure the privacy of your order and also individual information.

Summarising, we would like to note that if you have some extra questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form or email. Sincerely yours, australianedmeds.com team.