Levitra 20 mg Over the Counter 

Brand Levitra

Crowds of anguished males experiencing annoying and obnoxious erectile disorders. Levitra brings the desired relief. What is it? This is a tablet formula based upon Vardenafil. The concept result resembles that of Viagra (PDE-5 inhibitor). Levitra, developed later by several multinational pharma companies and marketed by Bayer, is a reliable, steadfast solution and suits most individuals.

Brand Levitra 20mg

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Levitra (active substance vardenafil plus auxiliaries) is effectual for any form of impotence from initial usage. How does it work? It boost blood circulation in the penis and maintains its effectiveness after eating fatty foods or drinking alcohol, unlike Sildenafil. These tablets help others who have diabetic issues or other illness which reduce the performance of similar medicines - encourage exponential growth! Other advantages: secure, consistently dependable, minimal adverse effects, high patient tolerability. Levitra in 20 mg dosage is available at our Australian webstore, with reliable, confidential shipping!

Indications and Contraindications

Can all males take Levitra? If you remain in good overall physical health and wellness, the solution is yes - yet older people should curtail the dose. If you've had a stroke or cardiovascular disease, consult your doctor to ensure resuming sexual activity is secure. The medicine is contraindicated if a cardiovascular event has happened less than six months ago.

How to Use Over-the-Counter Levitra with Maximal Efficiency?

Things to keep in mind. Only consume the approved dosage of the over-the-counter medicine. Increasing advised dose when consuming Levitra causes infelicitous consequences. How long does it take to function? Time to work is 25-60 min after intake, so ingest the pill approximately within this timeframe before coital adventures. Take one dosage in a 24-hour duration. How long does it last? Duration of impact endures approximately 4-5 hours.

What can I consume or consume? No serious troubles are associated with food. Some dietary suggestions for consideration:

  • It is not recommended to drink juice from a fresh grapefruit (or smoothie), as this may alter the rate of Levitra absorption. Grapefruits contain furanocoumarins, affecting a metabolizing enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4), which lead to unpredicted, potentially perilous elevation of vardenafil content in bloodstream.
  • Prevent eating huge meals prior to taking the drug. According to reviews, this might delay absorption and subsequently onset of action.
  • Alcoholic refreshments are allowed but avoid overconsumption. Excessive ethyl alcohol badly affects testosterone rates, cause blood pressure fluctuations and spins (spinning out of control), preventing you having successful coitus. Do not gulp down liquor in big quantities with the medicine.

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Potential Side-Effects to be Aware of

For most individuals, the medicine does not trigger negative effects. Some people might experience unfavorable reactions such as gastric upset, weak pain in the back, heartburn, warmth in face, or nasal blockage: all ordinarily transient and disappear quickly.

Probable Interactions

Some remedies adversely respond with vardenafil, causing undesirable inauspicious repercussions. Drugs for decreasing high blood pressure, or regulating heartbeat are often incompatible. If on alpha adrenoblockers or antibiotics, take into consideration holding off on Levitra.


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